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Do not miss the opportunity

Resellers on Munafa are already making an average income of BDT 18,000 per month

Find 100+ products from Fashion, Beauty, and household categories at wholesale rate.

Benefits of becoming a Munafa reseller

Earn without investing

You can start generating income without investing any capital; all you need is a mobile phone and internet

Earning Via Social Media Channels

You can turn your community into your customers and earn by helping them find what they need

No logistics hassle

You do not have to worry about product sourcing, storage, delivery/return, and payments. We take care of all those things.


About Munafa

Munafa helps people who want to start an online business but do not have the money to invest. Munafa provides you with a catalog of products from various suppliers. You can choose products you want to sell, add your own margin, and share them with your contacts.

When someone places an order, you simply notify us and we deliver the product to the customers, receive the payment, and send your profit (the margin you added) to you.

Munafa is open to anyone who wants to earn extra income or start a small business. It’s mostly popular among homemakers, students, and individuals looking for flexible earning opportunities.

Currently, there are hundreds of resellers who are generating a new and flexible income source with the help of Munafa. All you need is a mobile phone, and just like them, you can also become a reseller and start earning.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do online business. We’ve got a team of online selling experts who will teach you everything you need to know. You can learn very quickly and grow your reselling business if you are determined. 

How to start earning as a Reseller

    • Click on the “Join Munafa” button, select your area, and click Join Via WhatsApp. It will automatically add you to the “Munafa Wholesale Product List” WhatsApp group, where you will find various types of products with details (photos, videos, and descriptions) at a low price.
    • You can download those product photos and descriptions, add a profit margin, and share them with others. For example, you found a Salwar Kameez that is BDT 850, now you can add  BDT 150 and share the final price with others to make a profit.
    • Once you get an order, share the order details with us via WhatsApp at +880 1886998007.
    • We will deliver the product to your customer and collect payment.
  • After collecting the payment, we will send your profit amount to your Bkash or Nagad number.

Just like anyone can become a Munafa reseller, anyone you know can be your customer. Your customers are already around you. Starting from your friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues, and your social media friends and followers can be your customers; you can share exclusive products and offers directly via text message, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram etc. (Don’t worry, our expert team can guide you to learn how to get best results using your social media channels.

There is no limit! You can earn an unlimited amount of money without investing any capital, and can gradually build your own reselling business from your own home. Depending on how much effort and dedication you put in, the monthly profit amount can increase.

On average, our resellers earn around BDT 18,000 besides their other work, and some top-performing Munafa resellers are already making an income of more than BDT 35,000 and this number is increasing day by day with time, effort, and dedication.

We do cash on delivery from your customers and send your profit via Bkash or Nagad every Sunday and Wednesday by 7:00 PM. 

Before shipping every product we label it with the final price you have set; not only that we also send the products only with your store name on the packaging. Yes, you get your own online store. (Call us to learn more about how to start your online store website.

Profit & Payment

You have the freedom to add any amount you want as profit, but to make sure that you are not losing sales and customers due to over-charging we always share a market price range in the product details, so that you can decide your margin with confidence. For example; If the product you’ve selected on Munafa is BDT 600, we also mention that you can add up to BDT 200 on top of it; but eventually, it is up to you to set the final price.

We send your profit via Bkash or Nagad every Sunday and Wednesday by 7:00 PM.

Want to become a supplier on Munafa?

If you are a manufacturer, or a wholesaler, or an importer; you can list your products on Munafa to increase your sales and market reach.


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